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Laurie van Houts is an allround illustrator and graphic designer. Painting and drawing is a passion she has been practicing all her life. Her signature is feminine and romantic. Laurie has been drawing for Lovestories, Scotch & Soda ans several magazines as Elle, Margriet, Libelle and Kekmama. 


After working as a graphic designer for fashion label 10feet and Mexx, where she created graphics and pattern prints for multiple collections, she started working as a freelance designer for fashion labels and magazines.

Laurie has her own collection of illustration postcards and posters selling in stores in Amsterdam and via this webshop. Laurie loves to get inspired by nature, fashion photography, typography and beautiful textiles and structures. She has her own refined design style which also seen in her design for birthcards. Laurie can be contacted for a personal drawing for birth announcements or any other specific request for illustrations.

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